Free Teeth Whitening for Summer 2015!

What tooth whitening product should I use?

At Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics we offer 3 options to help whiten, or “bleach”, your teeth.  For the summer special you may choose any one of the following three options.  The rules are at the bottom of the post.  In short, the free whitening is for a referral of a new patient and/or for any new patient.

When making a decision on which product is right for you the one thing you need to know is that the ONLY thing bleaching, actually oxidizing the stains in your teeth, is hydrogen peroxide.  Products are sold as both carbamide and hydrogen peroxide but the carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide prior to doing anything.  We use carbamide because it is less aggressive and lasts longer in the mouth.  All the lights and lasers and everything else are just a marketing and/or delivery method of the carbamide/hydrogen peroxide.

Results from 2 weeks with our custom made bleaching tray on upper teeth only

whitening results

Bleaching just the upper teeth

Option #1 Whitening strips

Anyone can use these as they are NOT custom.  There are more than enough to whiten both yourself and someone else if you want to share them.  They do require the most work on your part and are slower than the other options.

Professional strength whitening strips at 10% carbamide peroxide is the store version.  We are providing a higher percentage version of 14%.

Option #2  Custom made bleaching tray with Opalescence

Requires some work on your part.  Works faster than the strips though.  Majority choose this.

Custom made bleaching trays with whitening gel.  Advantage of this is once made you keep the tray forever and can just buy more gel to put in the tray if you want to whiten again later in life.  For information on the different strengths we offer click here.  We typically whiten the upper teeth first and then move to the bottom ones to ensure the strength we are using is adequate.

whiter teeth

Option #3  Bauer PowerBleach

1 hour Power in-office bleach.  Although this is called “1 hour bleach”, really it is almost a 2 hour visit by the time you get set up and then get all done.  We use a 40% hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied directly to your teeth in 15 minutes cycles.  This option is great for people that need results fast or those that would rather just be done with everything all at once and don’t want the hassle of trays or strips.

The downside is once you’re done, that’s it.  If you need a little more touch up you have to buy something else.  Not everyone will get great results with this and there is not a good way to predict who those people are ahead of time.  If you choose this option know that you will either get great reuslts or find out you are someone that takes more of an effort to whiten.

You will be given an Opalescence desensitizing tray to wear and given 600mg ibuprofen when you are done.  Some people do not notice anything afterwards but you should expect some sensitivity that night.

If you have any questions about which option is right for you then just ask about whitening options during your dental visit.  Options #1 and #2 can be handled anytime, option 3 must be scheduled.  If you have read this far you obviously care about your smile and how it looks and perhaps “just” whitening isn’t enough for you.  Perhaps veneers are what you really want to get you the smile you really want.  If you are interested check out our veneers blog.

Rules and regs

Offer good with any paid new patient exam, required xrays, and recommended level of cleaning.  We consider a new patient anyone who has not been to our office in 5 years or has never been to our office.  Offer is also good to existing patients with a referral of a friend who is a new patient and does the above.  That means with a referral both you and your friend get the free whitening!  Offer does not include the referral of immediate family members that live at the same location as you, ie your adult sister is a new patient but your husband and children are not.  Not good with any other offers.

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