Dental implant cost too high? Try these steps.

all on 4 full arch hybrid

Dental implant cost too high?  The cost of a dental implant can be found here

Dental Implant Cost too high!!!  What can you do?

  1. If you have dental insurance, do the dental implant one year and the dental abutment and dental implant crown the next year.
  2. Ask your dentist what else can be done and let them know that you simply can’t or aren’t willing to spend that much on replacing the tooth.
  3. Go without a temporary in the area.
  4. Don’t get one.  You may quickly find you don’t miss it if it’s a back tooth.
  5. If the missing tooth is in the front, a cheap plastic removable prosthesis, commonly called a flipper, can be made for several hundred dollars.
  6. Go to a dental school.  Their fees are cheaper.
  7. Tell the office you simply can’t afford that and ask if there is anything they can do to help you out (unlikely but worth a try).  Maybe they are looking for patients to give video testimonials to use on their website and offers discounts to those people.
  8. Go to a doctor just getting into placing implants that needs more experience.  Not sure how exactly you could or would find that.  Ask your dentist if they place and if not ask if they are thinking about it and volunteer yourself as one of their first patients.  You may have to travel to a training center or another office but typically those implants are done at no charge to you.
  9. Find an office that trains other doctors to place implants.  They give discounts to the patients in their courses.  Typically the experienced doctor teaching the course does all the work.


Dental implant cost too high?  Remember most offices give complimentary dental implant consults and even x-rays including 3 dimensional CBCT scans.  At Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics we offer both of those services.  If you live in the area and are interested in finding out exactly what your cost would be, call us 630-665-5550 for the complimentary dental implant consult and we will figure the rest out for you.

Dental implant cost too high
Single implant placed to replace a missing front tooth

Whether you are interested in a single dental implant or an entire mouth full, we can handle your entire procedure from start to finish in one location.  If you are saying, “dental implant cost too high”, we may be able to help.

Dental implant cost too high
Entire mouth of dental implants

Dental implant cost too high? Don’t forget maintenance!

Dental implants do require maintenance, so it is important to continue to see your dentist on a regular basis.  Survival rates of dental implants are around 93% at 5 years in the real world, so care after the implant is placed is very important.  Pearl Network study