How much do dental implants cost?

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How much do dental implants cost?  Great question!

How much do dental implants cost?  No idea why dentists insist on making everyone come to their office to get a quote.  Yes, you need to be seen to get an exact quote, but most people just want an idea of the normal situation.  So, it depends on what else you need and where you live, but if you were to ask me

“How much do dental implants cost?”

In our office we would quote you a fee of…….

Dental implants cost about $2,400 in 2018.  This would include the CBCT 3-dimnesional image, the examination, and any other x-rays we need.  It would also include the 3D printed surgical guide we would print in our office for your case.

A dental implant with a single dental crown on top costs around $4,500 in 2018. A dental implant that supports a denture does not cost more but what goes on top does. If you are looking for all on 4 dental implant costs check our post on that.

How much do dental implants cost in your zip code?

The cost of your dental implant is partially determined by where you have it placed.  It is not necessarily more expensive in big cities.  In order to narrow down the exact cost use the information that I provide in our, “Why does a dental implant cost so much” page.  You can go to the fair consumer health website and find costs but will need some help navigating the dental codes.

How much do dental implants cost

Want to know how your dental implants cost could vary?

The most common costs quoted for a dental implant are the implant, the abutment, and the crown.  However, there are many things that can add to the cost of dental implants.  We have compiled an incomplete list for you here.

    • Bone grafting is one of the things that can add the most cost and time for your dental implants.  The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands.
    • A failing tooth that needs to be extracted will add to the cost of the procedure.
    • Something more elaborate than just a dental crown or abutment will cost considerably more.
    • The need for many dental implants will obviously cost more.  This link has the costs and options of implant supported dentures and large cases.
    • X-rays and CBCT scans may cost more.
    • The examination may not be complimentary.

How do we try to keep the costs lower for you?

We offer complimentary examinations and complimentary CBCT 3D x-rays to evaluate your particular situation.  We also 3D print surgical guides without passing on any additional cost to you.   Once we do our examination and view the CBCT image we can give you an exact fee for your dental implants.  Some offices will charge you hundreds of dollars just to get a 3D x-ray and an exam and you must pay them this before they answer “how much do dental implants cost?”!

As a general dentist that has been placing my own implants for half my career, we try very hard to make the entire dental implant process affordable.  I can say one way we are able to keep the fee slightly lower is that only one office has to make a profit on the procedure.  The reasons dental implants cost what they do can be found in another post here.

Looking for ways to reduce the amount you have to pay for dental implants?

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