Black front tooth? Whiten it!


Black front tooth whitened with internal bleaching

Black front tooth treatment options range from removal and placement of a dental implant to internal bleaching. Your best option will depend on why the front tooth is black.

Case of the week

Erica’s black front tooth treatment

Erica had an accident in cheer-leading as a young adult and ended up needing root canals in her two front teeth.  Several years ago she noticed one of them was starting to darken to a brown/black color.  It progressively got worse and worse.  Her dentist did not do any of the procedures required to make this tooth look right so she found us online after seeing several other cases that looked very similar that I had done.  Erica had done her research and knew that either a veneer or internal bleaching were her options.  IMHO doing a veneer on a tooth like this is overkill and I strongly recommended doing internal bleaching.  She agreed.  The cost is about 1/3 of a veneer and only takes one day.

Black front tooth that we were able to whiten with internal bleaching.
Before and after bleaching of a black front tooth

The result was excellent and her tooth is once again a perfect match to it’s neighbors!

Other options for treating a black front tooth

Depending on the cause of your black front tooth there are several course of action that we may take.

Front tooth replacement with dental implant

In the most severe cases the dark tooth has a severe fracture or infection and we need to remove it and place an implant or bridge in the area. This is an uncommon issue in our experience and almost certainly not what you need.

The black front tooth needs a root canal

Some dark front teeth are dark because they are dead and need a root canal. The darkness in these cases is like a permanent bruise. If you need the root canal that will only eliminate the infection, you will still need to do one of the following to whiten the tooth.

The tooth needs internal whitening.

This is by far the most common thing we need to do when we encounter a dark front tooth. Typically the tooth already has a root canal and it has slowly gotten darker over the years. The majority of treatments are a permanent fix but some do relapse and need a second treatment years later.

Dark front tooth treated with one internal bleaching treatment.
Another dark tooth treated in the same way.

The black front tooth needs a restorative solution.

This means we place a crown, veneer, or composite filling on the tooth to hide the color. This can be tricky as it is difficult to hide really dark teeth without removing a lot a of tooth structure and get a perfect match. It is doable but requires a lot of skill and patience.

What is the cost to fix a a black front tooth?

This of course depends on what we need to do to fix the black tooth. The most common reasons is internal bleaching and the cost for internal bleaching can be found on the link. The most expensive it can cost is if you need a denatl implant and the dental implant cost can also be found on the link.