Cement sepsis – Wheaton dental implant

resin cement

Cement sepsis causes possible loss of dental implant

Case of the week

I’ve spoken about this topic many times before and covered the techniques required to avoid it.  If the problem is discovered early I can save the implant without much issue at all, like I did here.  Today I saw a case of cement sepsis caused by poor cement selection (some sort of resin), no custom abutment, and poor crown contours.  Unfortunately for this patient, it was not discovered early in the process and thus the dental implant may be lost.

I had to remove the crown.  This is not very difficult, typically.  After removing, I confirmed my suspicion of cement sepsis on the dental implant.

resin cement

dental implant cement

The infection was cleaned and area grafted.  Time will tell if we caught this issue in time.  If you have a dental implant that is causing you problems or a dental implant with pain, do not wait!  If you are looking for a Wheaton dentist, then give us a call!