Anterior open bite

Anterior open bite AOB Treatment options

Anterior open bite causes

Typically the cases are multi-factorial involving both hereditary and environmental factors. The causes break down into skeletal and dental problems.

AOB treatment options

There are several options to fix an anterior open bite. Your treatment will depend on the exact causes and the expertise of the doctor treating you.

Habit control with myofunctional therapy

Some AOB are due to mouthbreathing and/or tongue thrusts. Myofunctiona therapy and retrain some of these oral habits and without those habits the AOB can correct itself. There may also be an underlying airway issue or sleep apnea issues with those that are mouth breathers.

Anterior open bite Surgical Reconstruction

Orthognathic Surgery is always an option but most try to avoid whenever possible. When surgery is the answer you can try other options but the result will likely not be as good.

Dental adjustments/Tooth removal/Prosthetic rehabilitation for AOB

AOB Orthodontic treatment

There are several creative options for treating an anterior open bite with traditional orthodontics. TADs and miniplates have made this much more predictable than it was in the past Freitas 2018 AJO-DO. However, another method is to use curved nickel titanium wires and anterior elastics. Erdem 2018 AJO-DO


Orthodontic treatment for your anterior open bite can be completed by our team of doctors in Wheaton, Il.

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