Black front tooth? Whiten it!

Black front tooth whitened with internal bleaching

Case of the week

Erica had an accident in cheer-leading as a young adult and ended up needing root canals in her two front teeth.  Several years ago she noticed one of them was starting to darken to a brown/black color.  It progressively got worse and worse.  Her dentist did not do any of the procedures required to make this tooth look right so she found us online after seeing several other cases that looked very similar that I had done.  Erica had done her research and knew that either a veneer or internal bleaching were her options.  IMHO doing a veneer on a tooth like this is overkill and I strongly recommended doing internal bleaching.  She agreed.  The cost is about 1/3 of a veneer and only takes one day.

brown tooth black tooth

Before and after bleaching of a black front tooth

The result was excellent and her tooth is once again a perfect match to it’s neighbors!

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