Dental care in the ICU reduces risk of infection

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

The importance of dental care in relation to lung infection

A new study by Bellissimo 2014 shows that dental care received in the ICU reduced the risk of lung infection by 56%.  Survival rates were only slightly better but the decrease in infections and time spent in the hospital is pretty substantial.

There have been similar studies by Iimuma JDR 2015 with lung infections dealing with patient’s that wear their dentures overnight and those that do not.  Those that do, double their risk for developing pneumonia.

This is just more evidence of the importance of good oral hygiene and shows that it does impact both how long you live and how many illnesses you endure.

Also why I try not to use acrylic in my all on 4 prosthesis as it forces patient to sleep in a denture and would likely have very similar issues.

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