Telescopic attachment retained prosthesis

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Removable implant-supported dental prostheses with telescopic attachments

Telescope is defined here

Great DT post here and another one from Uwe

Telescope partial denture photo.
This is a telescope partial denture that Uwe did for me years ago. Has held up well in a patient that has never come in for any regular care. Going on 10 years now.

Here is another article from Uwe.

Deutsch or Olaf

Syncope is similar. Not true telescope but similar and is removable by patient.

Locator F-Tx is removable by dentist only.  Has plastic attachments that “break” when inserting so can not take in and out.  Once removed, plastic inserts are replaced.

What are the ADA dental codes for a telescopic removable appliance?

Depends on implants, teeth, or teeth and implants. The dental code for coping is D2975

Research on telescope implant supported dental prosthesis

Survival rate at 3 years the same as implant-supported dental prosthesis but complications higher Rehmann JOMI 2015

Immediately loaded in this study but hard to get implants perfectly parallel. They use some sort of guide but I would think still tough.  Without that then likely would need to let heal for conventional about of time.  Would work well I believe, if can find lab that is confident with technique.

If try case like this check out references 9-10-11

How to

Old school

Irving Yalisove has a textbook on telescopic prosthesis but this was before the popularity of implants.

Technique to make a telescopic prosthesis

Need something very sensitive to check fit. Tanaka BiteX is a nice product to check within a microns.

Seating tip.

  1. Coat the prosthesis and secondary coping in vaseline.
  2. Cement the primary copings and wipe away most excess with a microbrush.
  3. Seat the prosthesis before cement sets so primaries set perfectly inside the secondary copings in the prosthesis.