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Wheaton veneers

Veneers in Wheaton by cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Case of the week

Tiffany had slowly gotten more and more upset with her smile.  Small chips and breaks started to add up and the aging of existing dentistry didn’t help.  She had attempted to have things improved with another local general dentist but wasn’t happy with the results.  After researching Wheaton dental offices online and looking for a Wheaton cosmetic dentist, Tiffany found our online photo gallery. Tiffany really liked our online photos and took advantage of our complimentary consult.  At the consult she and Dr. Bauer discussed her options.  Fortunately, she had a lot of good tooth structure left and wasn’t in need of a total overhaul.  We could get her a new smile at a very cost-effective price, as we didn’t have to send anything to the lab.  Tiffany and the whole staff love her new smile!

wheaton veneers
Before and after composite veneers

If you are looking for a Wheaton cosmetic dentist or a Wheaton orthodontist to discuss cosmetic issues, give us a call and we can schedule you a complimentary consult and review your options with you.  We will show you before and after pictures of our work, so you will have an idea of what to expect.