Dental splint – Tooth splint dental code

Tooth splint dental code – Dental splint dental code

When to use what ADA dental codes

Dental splint or tooth splint dental codes and descriptions can be confusing. If you have a question about dental splinting, we hope you will find the answer here.

Tooth splint ADA dental code

D4322 is the new (2022) dental code for intra-coronal splinting. D4323 is the new dental code for extra-coronal splinting. The change from the old codes is that the term provisional is gone.

D4320 and D4321 are old codes for provisional splints for periodontal teeth.  Usually we use this on lower anterior teeth on older individuals with mobility.  D4320 is intracoronal, thus requires some sort of tooth structure removal and placement of a stabilization wire or fiber.  D4321 is extracoronal, thus we stabilize with a splint on the outside of the tooth. I often am doing some combination of the two periodontal splints depending on the severity of crowding of the teeth.

D7270 is for stabilization after an accident or reimplantation from a tooth being knocked out.  I think medical would also cover this accident and often someone’s insurance (school or driver).

D8680 is for orthodontic retention

ADA dental code descriptions for a dental splint

D4322 is the new code (2022) for splinting – intracoronal. Natural teeth or prosthetic crowns.

This is an additional procedure that physically links teeth or crowns for stabilization.

D4323 is the new dental code for splinting – extracoronal. Natural teeth or prosthetic crowns.

Same as above only on the outside portion of the teeth.

D4320 is the old ADA dental code for provisional splinting – intracoronal

This is an interim stabilization of mobile teeth. A variety of methods and appliances may be employed for this purpose. Identify the teeth involved.

D4321 is the old ADA dental code for provisional splinting – extracoronal

This is an interim stabilization of mobile teeth. A variety of methods and appliances may be employed for this purpose. Identify the teeth involved.

Image of dental provisional splinting – extracoronal

D7270 is the ADA dental code for tooth re-implantation and/or stabilization of accidentally evulsed or displaced tooth

Includes splinting and/or stabilization

D8680 is the ADA dental code for orthodontic retention (removal of appliances, construction and placement of retainers)

What are the dental splint costs?

The fees in our office for a dental splint depend on the type of splint we are doing. The reality is the initial work for the splint is very similar no matter the dental code but the fee insurances pay vary depending on the dental code. Patients can check what a fair fee for their zip code is on fair health consumer.

We only charge $250 for the orthodontic retention; however, since we are an orthodontic office it’s something we provide at an artificially low fee. We charge $695 for the stabilization code, this is a higher fee since it includes re-implanting or positioning a tooth. For dental code D4320 and D4321 we charge $475 and $515 respectively. All of these fees are for 2017 and subject to change depending on when we get back to updating this information.

What materials do you use for a tooth splint or dental splint?

For us it depends on who is doing the splint and also the reason for the dental splint. For stabilization we prefer a non rigid splint so we use nylon fishing line. We occasionally will use Ribbond or a similar product for periodontal splinting. However, we have mostly switched both periodontal splinting and all orthodontic retention over to . Occasionally for an orthodontic retention case that has a strong tendency to have the teeth move we will use a heavier wire.

dental splint tooth splint

Example of a nylon fishing line non rigid dental splint for stabilization.






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  1. October 17, 2017 at 7:53 pm #

    Would the charge of $250 be per mobile tooth or every tooth the splint covers?

    • October 17, 2017 at 10:23 pm #

      That’s the orthodontic retention fee not the splint fee. The fee for a splint is around $700 and covers all the teeth. Usually the lower front teeth are the ones that get mobile.

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