Small blue bump on lip

Small blue bump on lip?  Is it a venous lake?

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If you have a small blue bump on your lip?  There is a very good chance it is a venous lake.  A venous lake is simply a misshaped blood vessel.  Blood vessels typically run in straight branching lines like creeks and rivers through our body.  A venous lake is a blood vessel shaped more like a lake, hence the name.  They are often formed in response to trauma and slowly grow over the years.  There is definitely a genetic component, as most people that have one large one have several other smaller ones.  Check out my venous lake blog to see the treatment cost and how it is treated.

MaryEllen has had this small blue bump on her lip for about a decade.  Although it always bothered her, she didn’t know what to do about it or what it really was.  Her daughter’s wedding was coming up so she decided to check out what her options were to remove it.  One day she googled “small blue bump on lip” and found our website.  She was fairly certain that what she had matched what she was seeing on our before and after photos.  MaryEllen really lked what she saw and liked what she read even more.  She called out office and had the treatment completed the same day as the consult.  The treatment was fast and painless.  As you can see it healed without any mark or scar.  She had beautiful blemish free lips for her daughter’s wedding photos!

small blue bump on lip

Small blue bump on lip


If you have one of these small blue bumps on your lip – we can help!  Most of these are in fact venous lakes and easily treated.  Other blue lesions in the mouth can be found here. 

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  1. January 21, 2019 at 12:00 am #

    I think I have a Venus lake on my lower left bottom lift its been there for about 6 years buy seems to be betting m ore prominent as my lips thin due to I guess age.
    can you help me to have this treated so I dont have to worry about people looking at it instead of listening to what I’m saying?

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