Root canal MB2 23(20)-28 Numbers are MB2 present(cleansed and filled)-total

R261 X-ray

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Race WF Age 27

Tooth vital – tooth necrotic

# teeth with MB2 present- able to cleanse and shape the MB2 – MB2 join MB1 – teeth I consider calcified that no MB2 was found – total # of 1st molar treated

MB2 distance from MB1 – join MB1



Two canals actually isthmus still present.  Tooth had a very long standing infection and the mesial root appears to be in bad shape to me.  Likely need apico at some point in her life.

MB2 MB1 root erosion
I placed a black line on the outside portion where you can see the infection has eroded the root tip

MB2 join

MB2 isthmus
Isthmus can be seen.  This is a type V isthmus

MB2 gutta percha