IAN microsurgery after injury

Microsurgery of trigeminal nerve

IAN microsurgery – Repair of the Trigeminal Nerve

About 50-60% of patients can expect some perceived improvement in symptoms following an IAN microsurgery. Moderate to severe nerve damage are unlikely to have complete sensory recovery.  Nice IAN microsurgery article.

Exactly when to refer a patient for microsurgery is debatable.

8 months to a year is when it is considered too late.  “After a year, even the most expert peripheral nerve repair carries a poor prognosis. Early referral and intervention offer the best management of trigeminal nerve injuries.” Colin JADA 92  Kraut 2002 JADA

IAN microsurgery

Who can one refer a patient to?

There are not many doctors that can do these cases. Dillon at UW, Miloro at UIC, Wasson and some docs in Atlanta.

Research on microsurgery

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Pogrel shows use autogenous vein Pogrel OMFS 2001

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