Swelling after dental surgery

How to handle swelling after dental surgery

Swelling after dental surgery? How can you handle it?

Image of swelling after dental surgery

Swelling after dental surgery step by step help

Swelling after an invasive dental surgery is a normal occurrence.  It helps to have taken anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) or steroid before the surgery.  Excessive post-op swelling occurs and can be handled with a little more hand holding and special instructions.

  • Sleep with head elevated
  • Antibiotic coverage (Amoxicillin if not allergic)
  • CHX rinse
  • Warm or cold compress mult times a day – depends who you talk to and at what stage of swelling.  Usually first 1-2 days use cold and then later switch to heat.
  • Continuation of ibuprofen
  • Time

What is a great medication regimen for dental surgery swelling and pain?

It us always better to stop the inflammation before it starts but sometimes we are too late. We have a whole post on dental swelling medication regimen.