Custom healing abutment or tissue former

How to make a custom healing abutment for dental implant

Cerec can make to look like this – very cool custom tissue former

custom tissue former

To do by self need PEEK abutment and acrylic or universal bond and flowable

Or metal is fine but only mechanical retention.

  1. Place temp abutment
  2. Pack plumbers tape in all around below gumline
  3. Reduce temp abutment to just fit with occlusion
  4. Place some bis-acryl around tape and then
  5. Make temp just like do with crown temp (in triple tray)
  6. After set access screw an remove
  7. Finish margins with flowable and polish
  8. Ensure no IP contacts (allows papilla to fill in to fullest extent)
  9. No occlusion either

Can buy some that are customized to certain teeth, brands are VPI and Anatotemp