Dentists In Wheaton, IL, Use Botox To Treat Facial Pain

Dentists In Wheaton, IL, Use Botox To Treat Facial Pain

It used to be that dentistry was only about the physical health of your teeth and aesthetics weren’t important at all. However, modern dentists in Wheaton, IL, realize that good oral health and a beautiful smile go hand in hand. We commonly use procedures such as tooth whitening and veneers to enhance our patients’ smiles and, believe it or not, we now use Botox as well. This has long been a popular treatment used by aestheticians and cosmetic surgeons, but it’s used for medical purposes too. Botox has proven to be very effective at relieving dental and facial pain, with the added bonus that it smoothes out any wrinkles you may have at the same time.

How Does Botox Work?

You’re probably familiar with the cosmetic uses of Botox: smoothing out wrinkles to make a person’s face look more youthful. It does this by using a botox dentists in Wheaton ILprotein that comes from Botulinum toxin type A, which causes muscles to relax by blocking the nerve signals. The effects last for about three to four months; at which point the nerve endings regenerate. Many patients choose to have a new injection every four months or so, but you can stop them at any time with no trouble.

Why Do Dentists In Wheaton, IL, Use Botox?

Besides smoothing out wrinkles, Botox treatments are also effective at relaxing tense muscles. This means that if you grind or clench your teeth or have frequent tension headaches, this could be a very good treatment option for you. When Botox is injected into the muscles around your jaw, it will cause those muscles to relax just a little bit, meaning that they won’t clench involuntarily anymore. Just imagine three to four months of relief from grinding your teeth.

Because dentists in Wheaton, IL, have such extensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of your face and head, they know exactly where to place the injections so they’ll do the most good. And don’t worry that you won’t be able to talk or chew normally; only a very small amount of Botox is required and your jaw muscles are very strong, so you won’t notice any difference except for feeling less pain.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Every medical procedure has some side effects, but the ones for Botox are uncommon and usually minor. You may experience dry mouth, headache or neck pain, blurred vision, or drooping eyelids. It’s also possible to have an allergic reaction, so if you experience any symptoms such as hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing, get to the emergency room right away.

You’re probably surprised to learn that dentists in Wheaton, IL, can treat their patients with Botox. After all, it’s mostly known as a purely cosmetic treatment used for smoothing out wrinkles. But it’s proven to be so effective at relieving pain by relaxing tense muscles that the dental industry has adopted this fantastic treatment option. Most people who undergo this treatment experience three to four months of relief, without added medications or side effects.

If you clench your teeth, have frequent tension headaches, or experience another kind of chronic pain in your jaw, face, and head, call Bauer Dentistry at (630) 665-5550 to find out whether Botox could be the right treatment option for you.

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