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What is the pH of your soft drink?

pH of soft drinks are typically very low. A low pH means the beverage is acidic and will slowly erode away your teeth.

What is the pH of these popular drinks?

Many common drinks have very low pH levels. While this is likely not a probelm for someone drinking these beverages during a meal, it is a problem for those that sip them throughout the day. The reason for that is that it take awhile for your mouth’s pH to get back to normal after drinking something acidic. If you constantly put something acidic into your mouth, your mouth stays acidic.

The pH level of some common soft drinks are very low.

Diet Coke is 3.1, Prime is , La Croix is 2.7 and orange juice is 2.77. Basically they are all very bad.

Below is a link that lists drinks available today and lists the soft drink’s pH level. Some may wonder why bottled water isn’t closer to 7. Well one way to allow water to sit on a shelf for an extended period of time and not get contaminated with bacteria is to make the solution within it acidic.

Below is a link to a word file with many of the drinks sold in the US today.  We can save you some time and tell you they are all acidic.


pH levels of various soft drinks and sports drinks

pH soft drink

What does a low pH soft drink mean for your teeth?

A low pH means the solution is BAD for your teeth!! A low pH allows the acid that bacteria make to more efficiently demineralize the outer layer of your teeth. There is a constant mineralization and de-mineralization of the outer layer of your teeth. Too much de-mineralization and the enamel can no longer keep out the bacteria. In short a low pH makes it easier for bacteria that are always present on your teeth to turn your tooth into a cavity.

What is the pH of your mouth rinse?

The pH of mouthrinses are mostly acidic but most are over 4 which seems to be the point at which things start to happen.

pH mouthrinse


What minerals are in your bottled water?

Here is a website to compare the mineral content of many of the commonly sold bottled waters.  Here is another link to check mineral content.

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