RDA toothpaste Relative Dentin Abrasivity

What is the Relative Dentin Abrasivity RDA of your toothpaste?

RDA toothpaste levels are important but you never hear about them! Are you looking for a toothpaste with low RDA Relative Dentin Abrasivity?  If so you have come to the right page. The RDA value tells how hard on your teeth a toothpaste is. Toothpaste RDA or relative dentin abrasivity is important because it determines how quickly your teeth will be abrade away.  This is at least partially and in some cases fully responsible for occlusal wear and pitting and also gumline NCCLs.

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Common toothpaste ingredients and reason for their use

RDA Relative Dentin Abrasivity toothpaste values

RDA values are not put onto the labels of toothpaste currently.  The data is hard to come by and probably inaccurate to some extent.  Below is a list of many of the top toothpaste brands and the RDA values.  RDA level of 70 has been set as being the best.  In general tartar control and whitening products are more abrasive.  The ingredients that allow them to work are abrasive so you must choose if the benefit is worth the extra wear to you.  Baking soda seems to lower the RDA, as Arm & Hammer products all have low RDA values.

 RDA Relative Dentin AbrasivityWhich low RDA toothpaste should you choose?

This will depend on if you are prone to having enamel wear or if you have a lot of tartar.  If you have a lot of build up, tartar, or calculus then a low abrasive toothpaste may not be the best for you.  In case you are unfamiliar with those terms they all mean the same thing. You may need to ask your dentist or your hygienist if you have a lot of calculus. If you have a lot of erosion or abfractions then you should use a low abrasive toothpaste.  We assume that if you have found this page you want a low RDA toothpaste and therefore we recommend one of the low abrasive arm and hammer toothpastes.

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