Bone formation around dental implants

bone formation around dental implant

What is the process of bone formation around dental implants?

Just so anyone reading this is aware, this is a reference for myself.  It will therefore contain technical and scientific terms regarding bone formation around dental implants.  If you are interested in more general information about dental implants check the link.


Major cell types involved in bone formation around dental implants

  • Osteoprogenitor cells are stem cells inside the endosteal surfaces of the bone.  They form the osteoblasts.
  • Osteoclasts are responsible for bone remolding.  Since osteoclasts dissolve or eat up bone , they are what allows bone to change shape instead of just adding bone.  Osteoclasts make orthodontics possible.
  • Osteoblasts are responsible for forming bone.  They also play a significant role in bone calcification.
  • Osteocytes are like semi-retired osteoblasts.  They are osteoblasts that have become embedded within the bone that is formed.  Osteocytes are still active and communicate with each other, therefore they allow bone to continue to respond to load or injury.

bone formation around dental implant


Nomenclature for bone formation around dental implants

  • Osteoconductive means a material that acts as a scaffold or framework for which bone can fill in.
  • Osteoinductive means the material induces bone to form where it otherwise would not.
  • Osteogenic means the material can form new bone from vital cells within the material.



bone formation around dental implants


Bone formation in general

Image of bone formation