Full mouth implant supported bridge

implant supported bridge full arch zirconia

Looking for all on 4, all on 6, hybrid denture, or implant supported bridge?

Case of the week

Sam came to us in desperate shape.  He had suffered from periodontal disease his entire adult life.  Now in his 50’s he was facing the reality of having NO teeth.  His lower front teeth were so loose he couldn’t eat and could barely talk without them moving around.  He had an upper removable denture that he wanted to replace because it was uncomfortable and not as esthetic as what he was hoping for.  He had visited several implant centers and eventually decided to have Dr. Bauer both place and restore his mouth to optimal condition.

The results are amazing!  Sam was thrilled with his implant supported bridge!  Not only did he have an amazing smile but he could eat and chew normally for the first time in decades.  An added bonus that brought him to tears was that he was able to sing at church again without worrying about the embarrassment of his teeth falling out.  He had given this up after his upper denture was made.

all on 4

After 2 months of talking and planning Sam was ready for his big day.  He came in and got teeth in a day!  Dr. Bauer removed his remaining teeth, inserted 12 implants, and custom fitted his temporary teeth.  This process took about 4 hours.  He came in at 8 and was ready for lunch!  6 months of healing and the process of making his final porcelain teeth began.  His final teeth are pure ceramic.  Zirconia base with porcelain facing in some areas for esthetics.

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What is the process of getting implant supported bridges?

We use 3D imaging to plan exactly where we want the dental implants to be placed.  We then use an in office 3D printer that allows us to copy our digital plan to your bone.  The teeth are made ahead of time and inserted into the pre-planned dental implant sight.

Sam's before 3D imaging
Sam’s before 3D imaging


Sam's after 3D imaging showing all 12 dental implants
Sam’s after 3D imaging showing all 12 dental implants