Discolored front tooth filling

anterior composite fixed

Do you have a filling on a front tooth that is discolored?

Case of the week

George came in and was concerned that his last dentist never seemed to properly address what he saw as an unesthetic filling.  The dentist told him this was as good as it could get.  George didn’t feel that was the correct answer so he gave our office a call.  He first came in for a cleaning and brought up the issue of his filling with Dr. Bauer.  Dr. Bauer discussed some of his options and together they decided a new composite bonding filling would solve the issues.  Without needing to get numb, George spent about 40 minutes to have his work completed.

The results were fantastic and George was stunned.  He was a little upset he had spent so many years believing that what he had was “as good as it gets”.  However, today he has a great looking smile and everyone is very happy!

anterior composite fixed

If you have an esthetic dental issue you are unhappy with, give us a call for a complimentary consultation!

Patient with a discolored yellow filling that wants something natural

Samantha came to see us with a recent filling that she felt the color was off. We were able to change it out for her and give her something much more natural. We will often see fillings that are not quiet right. Often times with a little more time and effort we can achieve a neat perfect result.

Yellow filling replaced with natural filling
The before and after photo of the mismatched yellow filling replaced with a natural looking filling.