Follow These Tips For Better Dental Hygiene Upkeep At Home

5 Tips For Better Dental Hygiene Upkeep

Dental hygiene upkeep

Good dental hygiene upkeep is the first step to a great smile. While your dentist can provide many professional services to conserve the health of your teeth, it’s up to you to maintain proper hygiene at home.

Follow these tips for better dental hygiene upkeep at home, and don’t forget to schedule a visit to your dentist at least twice a year.

#1 – Reduce Soda, Coffee & Alcohol Consumption

These beverages have little redeeming health benefits anyways, but the real problem comes from their high level of phosphorus. While an essential nutrient in the body, too much phosphorus depletes calcium, and we all know how important calcium is for strong teeth and bones.

#2 – Use Proper Brushing & Flossing Techniques

Especially when you’re rushed, it’s tempting to skimp on basic oral hygiene techniques like brushing and flossing. But not brushing long enough, not getting all tooth surfaces, or brushing too aggressively in an attempt to do more in less time, can lead to a host of problems such as plaque, gingivitis, receding gums and periodontitis. If you have to, set a reminder and timer on your phone for brushing and flossing, and ask your hygienist to show you proper techniques.

#3 – Use A Mouthwash

But don’t think it will replace brushing and flossing! Good dental hygiene upkeep includes a complete plan of brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash. Remember though that not all mouthwashes are created equal; some are antiseptic and made for fighting plaque and gingivitis, while others contain fluoride for cavity protection or minerals for enamel restoration. Still others are made specifically to combat bad breath and enhance whitening efforts. Ask your dentist what type of mouthwash you would benefit most from.

#4 – Don’t Forget About Your Tongue

Your tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria, and bacteria lead to bad breath (halitosis). Using a tongue scraper made specifically for cleaning your tongue removes the mucus and food particles that stick to the tongue and encourage the growth of bacteria. If persistent bad breath is bothersome, talk to your dentist; he or she will show you proper brushing and flossing techniques, recommend the best mouthwash for your needs, and instruct you on cleaning your tongue to remove bacteria.

#5 – Don’t Bite Your Nails Or Chew On Hard Objects

Biting your nails, chewing on your lips or the end of a pen continually wears down your teeth’s enamel, especially if it’s a nervous habit you’re unaware of. Over time you will notice an uneven, worn appearance to your front teeth, and lost enamel can ultimately lead to tooth sensitivity. If you need to kick these habits, the key is redirecting your mouth and hands to other activities. Before you take up chewing gum or some other unhealthy habit, talk to your dentist for healthy tips and suggestions.

Bauer Dentistry Helps You Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Upkeep

While home maintenance is the first step to good oral hygiene upkeep, regular visits to your dentist is vital to maintaining your oral health and early detection of potential problems. Schedule your appointment with Bauer Dentistry today!