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Dental anesthetic nerve damage

Dental anesthetic nerve damage

Dental anesthetic nerve damage – What is the cause? Dental anesthetic nerve damage after administering dental anesthetic is a known risk factor, although it is very uncommon. The exact cause may never be known because multiple things are happening at once, physical and chemical trauma. Dental anesthetic nerve damage recovery rates Temporary paresthesia occurs in […]

Dental implant problems

dental implant problems

What are some common dental implant problems? Dental implant problems vary from surgical to prosthetic issues and from easy to very difficult. Below is a list of various issues we have seen over the years. Loose dental implant abutment screw This one is a fairly easy fix unless in the front of the mouth and […]

Oral Myiasis – Maggots

oral myiasis

What is oral myiasis? Oral myiasis is basically mouth maggots. It is primarily a disease of tropical areas and infects the homeless and/or mentally challenged.  I plan to add more images and videos as I come across them. Facebook video of oral myiasis, looks like India.