Venous lake lower lip

venous lake lower lip before and after

Venous lake lower lip treatment with laser

Do you have a venous lake on your lower lip?  This is a procedure we complete in office with one visit.  The results speak for themselves, so check out our before and after section.  Almost all of our after photos are phone pictures since the patients travel to see us.  Obviously this patient was very pleased with her results!!

venous lake lower lip before and after
Venous lake lower lip results

Dr. Bauer,

Attached is my original selfie and my post-laser selfie! The after photo was taken today, so about five weeks after treatment. Thank you so very much. I couldn’t be happier with the results. After the treatment, I actually had no pain and only a little swelling so I only took the first dose of ibuprofen (I think I only took one 200mg dose) – the area was sore to the touch but didn’t bother me otherwise. My scab fell off shortly before the first two weeks was up, but I do think it was still healing for a while after that (and may still be. There was a very small spot and very slight lump, which I assume was the tissue healing from the inside, out. The spot and lump get smaller and smaller every day and in the photo you can hardly see it at all.). I used the vitamin E 2x/day for the first week and also moisturized my lips with 100% argan oil – I preferred that over chapstick during the healing process.

I went to my 20 year high school reunion last weekend and was so pleased to have my lips looking normal for that! If I ever meet anyone else with a venous lake, I will definitely refer them to you. I’m very, very glad I got to travel to your practice for the procedure and grateful to be venous lake free! Thank you!


Yelp review that she left.

“I found Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics online as I was researching laser treatment options for a venous lake on my lip. Their excellent website and experience treating venous lakes convinced me that they were the practice I needed to visit. My lake was becoming too large for me to adequately cover up and I was just tired of dealing with it after almost 10 years. I had visited an oral surgeon near me who wanted to excise it, but I wanted a less invasive procedure, with less chance of the lake coming back. I emailed Bauer and received a very prompt reply addressing all my questions and concerns, after which I made arrangements to travel down for an appointment. I drove from six hours away to have the procedure and I am so happy I did! Everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable. The laser treatment was quick and relatively painless, and I am confident it was the least invasive and most effective treatment available. Dr. Bauer was great and if I lived in the area I wouldn’t hesitate to make him my regular dentist. I highly recommend the practice, especially if you need treatment for a venous lake! My lip looks completely normal now and you wouldn’t know that anything was ever there. It was all healed just in time for my 20 year high school reunion and it was wonderful to go to that and not feel self-conscious about my lip. Thank you so much, Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics!”