Solodyn lip gum discoloration

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Solodyn lip discoloration gum discoloration

My patient came in with a complaint of lip discoloration and gum discoloration.  Her lip had many small black or dark brown areas of skin near the wet dry junction.  They looked similar to sun spots.  She also had a complaint of white gum tissue.  It looked very similar to what we see with smokers.  I have known this patient for years and she is not a smoker but I had to ask if she started smoking as the clinical presentation was so similar.

Solodyn gum discoloration
The camera flash distorts the severity of color difference in the attached gingiva. In normal lighting the areas circled at very white and appear similar to a palatal gum graft edge.
Solodyn lip discoloration
Solodyn lip discoloration

The lip discoloration is more apparent.  It is the brownish black lesions all along wet dry border of lower lip. This is a caucasian patient with a dark tan.