Dental liner

dental liner

Dental liner – What is it?

Dental liner is refers to a material or technique that we use to prevent sensitivity in deep dental fillings.  Dentists can use a variety of products and techniques.  Products care the market today are usually bioactive and/or resin based.  MTA, glass ionomer, resin-modified glass ionomer, calcium silicate, and others are common materials in use today.

Does a dental liner prevent sensitivity?

It is my personal opinion they do not when doing a dental composite. That does depend on one’s bonding technique though.   I very rarely will have a patient report sensitivity since starting to use gluma under my restorations. I think they are beneficial to teeth getting an amalgam filling and act as a thermal insulator in those teeth, therefore being a success at reducing sensitivity.

dental liner
TheraCal LC dental liner on near pulp exposure

Dental liner research

PEARL network study, which I am a member of, found no difference in reported post op sensitivity when a RMGI was used.  Strober 2013 JADA

Glass ionomer helped with sensitivity against total etch bonding (no gluma).  Akpata 2001

No difference in SE TE or liner use with modern techniques and materials.  Burrow 2009 Oper Dent

TE v gluma v CHX no difference Sobral 2005

dental liners