visagism in dentistry

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Visagism involves the creation of a customized personal image that expresses a person’s sense of identity.  It is useful in dentistry to help aid what a smile design might look best on a given individual.  A short series of questions helps to determine the individual’s personality.  The person’s personality type is then categorized into the four basic temperaments by percentage.  Hippocrates is one of the first people given credit for describing these four basic traits, they are

  • choleric or strong
  • sanguine or dynamic
  • melancholic or sensitive
  • phlegmatic or calm or peaceful

The initial term is from Hippocrates and the second term is the modern meaning, which eases the understanding of the concept for those of us unfamiliar with Hippocrates terms.  Of these four traits one or two are often dominate.

Does this remind you of Carl Jung’s work?

Visagism used to describe facial types

• Choleric/strong:  This  type  of  individual  has  a  rectangular face formed by well-defined angles, vertical and horizontal lines around the forehead and mouth, and deep-set eyes. Choleric/strong individuals have a  personality  characterized  by  strong  leadership  qualities, decisiveness, daring, and fearlessness.
• Sanguine/dynamic:  This  type  of  individual has an angular  face  formed  by  slanting  lines  around  the  eyes  and  forehead,  a  prominent  nose,  and  a  wide  mouth. The sanguine/dynamic individual is an active and communicative extrovert.
• Melancholic/sensitive:  This  type  of  individual  has  close-set eyes and an oval face with features that are either rounded or formed by thin lines. The melancholic/sensitive personality is gentle and has a  capacity  for  awareness  and  abstract  thinking.
• Phlegmatic/peaceful: This type of individual is gentle, discreet, and diplomatic; he or she has a round or square face, protruding lower lips, and heavy eyelids.

visagism in dentistry

Visagism and the dental smile design

There is a European software digital smile design software that is pretty neat and worth the money even if you are just playing around with it.

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