Safest time period ever

Safest, least violent time period ever

We are living in the safest time period ever.


Studies showing high percentage of humans were killed by each other.  Similar to other top predator populations.

Why do people still think violence is at all time high? Almost certainly has to do with creep. If most behaviors are less aggressive than they once were, then some behaviors will seem more aggressive than they once did, which may lead observers to mistakenly conclude that the prevalence of aggression has not declined.” Prevalence-induced concept change in human judgment


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Life expectancy

Also the life expectancy once you reached adulthood is that different as in the past. The biggest reasons why average life expectancy has increased is the decreases in deaths of babies and children. I have seen stats that as many as 3/4ths of babies did not reach adulthood. You can see that once one reaches 65 the number of years has not changed much in modern histroy.

Life expectancy from age 65 on.