Do You Need A Root Canal To Get Rid Of Tooth Pain?

root canal to get rid of tooth pain

Root Canal To Get Rid Of Tooth Pain

Root Canal To Get Rid Of Tooth PainA toothache is never fun to endure, and it can be a stressful experience not knowing what is causing the pain. Is it hot/cold sensitivity? A cavity? A crack? Or something much deeper, like an infection of the tooth’s pulp?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know for sure unless there is visible damage from trauma. But in any case, a toothache that doesn’t get better certainly warrants a visit to your dentist.

What Kind Of Toothache Do You Have?

Different types of pain can signify different causes. If the pain is only when you eat or drink hot or cold items, sensitivity is the likely cause. When you chew, a fracture. When you eat something sweet, cavity pain can flare up.

But constant and acute pain that doesn’t subside and that doesn’t seem to result from a specific action could signify inflammation or infection (abscess) of the pulp of the tooth.

Symptoms That Might Signify:

An Inflamed Pulp – Lingering pain that lasts 30 seconds or longer after eating or drinking. Many people ignore this pain thinking it is temperature sensitivity. Unfortunately, ignoring an inflamed pulp will eventually lead to an infection.

An Infected Pulp – Also called an abscess, an infection of the pulp results in constant, severe pain, often moving into the jaw and gums as the infection spreads into the surrounding bone and tissue.

How A Root Canal Can Get Rid Of Tooth Pain

When you see your dentist for a toothache, he or she will take x-rays and perform tests to isolate the affected tooth and determine the cause. Inflamed or infected pulp will be visible on an x-ray, and your dentist will likely tell you that you need a root canal.

Don’t panic! Modern root canal therapy is no more painful or traumatizing than a routine filling, and you will receive immediate pain relief once the infection is removed. Best of all, a timely root canal can save the structure of the tooth, allowing you to get a crown that perfectly matches your natural teeth, and saving you the expense of an extraction and implant.

What To Expect From A Root Canal Procedure

With a root canal, your dentist will create a small opening in the top or back of the tooth to drain the initial infection in the upper pulp chamber. You may notice a foul smell; this is the infection and no cause for alarm. The infected pulp is removed and tiny instruments are inserted into the root canals to clean and disinfect them, and prepare them to receive plastic fillings that will prevent future infection.

The canals are then sealed and the inside of the tooth cleaned and prepped for a crown. Generally your dentist will make a temporary crown on the spot, and you will come back in a couple weeks for your permanent crown.

While some mild jaw soreness is normal following a root canal, ibuprofen or acetaminophen are usually sufficient in managing the pain. Most importantly, the infected pulp has been removed and the severe pain from the infection will be alleviated and will not return.

Do You Need A Root Canal To Get Rid Of Tooth Pain?

If you’re suffering from constant or acute tooth pain, especially if it is affecting your jaw and gums, contact Bauer Dentistry as soon as possible for an emergency appointment and evaluation of your toothache. Unlike other dentists, we offer everything under one roof. If you need a root canal, we don’t refer you to an endodontist – we are the endodontist! We will follow through with the crown restoration and the completion of your treatment, and have you smiling and pain-free in no time.

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