Money Saving Solution to a Dental Implant

Looking to fix a broken tooth that “needs” a dental implant but not wanting to spend the money? Here’s a great, cost savvy solution!

Elizabeth came into the office with a fractured front tooth. After falling ice skating, her tooth had broken at the gum line. After consulting with a few dentists about options and only receiving the advice of getting a dental implant, Elizabeth was in desperate search of a money saving solution to her problem. She came into Dr. Bauer for advice; he had the solution of extracting the root of the tooth from the gums and pulling the tooth down so there would be a larger surface to place a crown on.  This procedure is known as the surgical extrusion technique and is great for some teeth that are healthy but broken off at the gumline.

Elizabeth was thrilled with this idea!  Not only would it save money and time, but it would look natural and feel like her real tooth! After a few appointments, Elizabeth was able to walk away smiling with a new crown placed on her front tooth! She is ecstatic about her new smile and about the money she saved by deciding to go with Dr. Bauer’s treatment plan!

cheap alternative to dental implant

In the final photo you can see Elizabeth’s front tooth is fixed and she is very happy with the results! The natural looking crown was the perfect solution to her fractured tooth! If you have a similar problem and are looking for a cost effective solution that will stand the test of time, this could be an ideal procedure for you! Give us a call today to set up an appointment!

 How can you find out if you are candidate for this dental implant alternative?

Call today to make an appointment and find out if you are a candidate for this technique!  We will take one x-ray and complete an examination to check the tooth.   If the remaining portion of the tooth is in good health, the surgical extrusion technique may be for you!