Dental disinfection

Dental disinfection Protocols

PVS impression disinfection process


Model work disinfection process

A standard microwave works to disinfect model work without negative impact.  Disinfection time for a stone model at 600 W takes 3 minutes and sterilization occurs around 5 minutes at 900 W.   Bona GenDent 2017 Anaraki J Dent Res 2013  . In 1985 research first showed microwaves are an effective form of sterilization as long as the object rotates.

Denture disinfection process

Denture will be disinfected when using a 650W standard microwave for 3 minutes. Denture needs to be under water and can not contain any metal! Altieri 2012 JADA microwave denture article



Intra-operative disinfection technque


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