Venous lake 2 week healing

How does a venous lake heal?  Venous lake 2 week healing

Want to know what venous lake 2 week healing looks like?  Check out our photo below or click the link at the bottom for more before and after venous lake lesions.

A little history of our treatment of the venous lake.

We have been treating venous lakes lesions for over 6 years now and are having very good success.  This is a new treatment thus we can not say for sure that the lesions will never return but it appears in that at the 5 year mark we have complete elimination for a high percentage of our patients.  Only about 5% of the patients have needed a second treatment to date.  My guess is that at the 5 year mark that number may be closer to 10% as the years pass.

How quickly does a venous lake heal?

The primary factor in how quickly the venous lake will heal is how deep it is.  Although the depth and width do usually correspond that is not always the case.  The healing process is very similar to a burn and is usually in between a first and second degree burn in terms of healing.  For a smaller venous lake, again by smaller I really mean shallower, you can expect more of a first or minor second degree burn. For a deeper and larger venous lake expect a second degree burn healing time.  Similar to a second degree burn we expect your venous lake lesion to heal in 2-3 weeks.  However, a larger lesion may take longer.  During the healing process the area does not look very nice.  In fact it typically looks worse during the healing process.

Medium size venous lake 2 week healing on a recent patient.

Unlike most of our patients, Greg didn’t have to travel far to see us.  I would classify his lesion as a medium size venous lake.  Remember this sizing has more to do with how deep it is than how wide it is.

venous lake 2 week healing
Venous lake 2 week healing

Overall he is very happy with his results.  I typically ask patients to send a photo to us at 3 weeks but Greg was thrilled with his 2 weeks results.  A lesion like this I really do not expect to recur at all but can only speak to our treatments 5 year success rates.  To see more of our venous lake treatments click the link here or go to our venous lake page.