All on 4 dental implants cost

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How much does the all on 4 dental implants cost?

The is no question that the all on 4 or more procedures are expensive. The first thing most patients need to know is it what the all on 4 dental implants cost.  They run from about $20,000 up to $50,000 per arch if you get into bone grafting and individual porcelain teeth.  This post will talk about both the standard all on 4 dental implants cost and the variances that can increase that cost.  We also discuss how much those increases are.

What are the options and how does that impact the all on 4 dental implants cost?

The standard acrylic or composite all on 4 prosthesis.

The standard all on 4 process includes four dental implants and an acrylic denture that is built around a titanium frame.  This process is usually around $20-26,000 if done in one location.  If you split the procedure up and go to two different doctors you can expect to pay around $30,000 for the all on 4 from start to finish.  Many places offer to complete the entire process in one location with one or a team of doctors.  Going to different locations costs more because both places need to make a profit.  Having two offices also increases the chances for miscommunications.

We typically charge $23,000 for the all on 4 from start to finish.  This includes all extractions, bone removal, and dental implants.  We actually rarely place 4 implants, instead we place some extra ones just in case something was to ever happen to one of the other ones.  The cost also covers the temporary denture that attaches to the dental implants on the day of the surgery.  The fee includes the final denture that is actually not acrylic but nano-composite teeth on a titanium bar.

The all on 4 made of one piece with porcelain teeth is one upgrade.

This option allows for more esthetic teeth as someone is making the teeth from porcelain.  We use either a titanium, CrCo, or or zirconia as a base and then add porcelain to the outside.  This increases the cost in our office by about $5,000 per jaw so the total will be $26-28,000.  This fee represents a situation where we complete the entire procedure in our office. If you use multiple locations/doctors, then you will pay more.

The benefit of this option is esthetics and possible longevity.  I say possibly because there is no doubt that the teeth will hold up better than the acrylic or composite teeth but if and when damage occurs it is not good. This procedure is similar to bridge work dentists have done for ages but things can break. Depending on where the break occurs it can be rather expensive to fix.  A zirconia bar, which is becoming more popular, can break.  If it does break the entire thing may need to be redone and cost $15,000 or more.

all on 4 dental implants cost
All on 4, well really all on 6, made of one piece with porcelain teeth. Top and bottom are same.


An all on 4 dental implants cost when making with individual porcelain teeth is more but is also the best.

This is highest level upgrade.  It consists of a frame made from some sort of metal and individual crowns made on top.  We make the teeth the same way we make dental crowns that you may currently still have. What is nice about this is that if something is to break in the future it costs the same as a dental crown on normal teeth and we can fix this relatively easily without any major disruption to your life.  Many of the issues with the other types of all on 4 require us to remove the all on 4 and send it to the lab.  That is not he case with this all on 4.

The cost in our office for this option is $30-35,000. Again this covers all the steps and temporary fabrication as well.

How do we break down the all on 4 dental implants cost?

Some offices, like ours, use an all inclusive fee that coves everything from extractions, bone grafting and dental implants to the temporary and final all on 4 made for you.  If you are looking at multiple offices then the fee will be split between the offices, usually a surgical portion and a restorative portion.  The cost for both tends to be about the same number, but you will definitely pay more at two offices then you will at just one. We can break down the procedure into individual dental codes and charge that way.  However, doing that would be significantly more expensive but you could use fair health consumer to check the fees for your area.

What is the breakdown of all on 4 dental implants cost?

We don’t really breakdown the fee into individual procedures except for submitting to dental insurance. However, since this an expensive procedure your dental insurance will be maxed out.  Although dental insurance can help, do not count on it for much as most maximums are $1-2,000 per year.


All on 4 dental implants cost a lot of money.  What are the financing options?

If you pay the entire amount up front and in full you get a 5% discount.  We do some in house payment plans but the patients pays the balance off at each step.  We also have a secure link to our lending company where they offer several options.  The company we use, Lending Club, only does a soft pull on your credit.  This means it will not impact your credit history if you fill out the form.  We also work with Care Credit.  Although they do not do a soft pull, some people already have this program set up from some other health care costs.