Sedative filling dental code d2940

sedative filling dental code

The sedative filling dental code is d2940

The sedative filling dental code has not changed from d2940 but the definition has changed somewhat.  D2940 dental code use is still the same.

What is the ADA description of dental code d2940?

The current description for a sedative filling from the ADA is below.

D2940 dental code protective restoration

Direct placement of a restorative material to protect tooth and/or tissue form. This procedure may be used to relieve pain, promote healing, and prevent further deterioration. Not to be used for endodontic access closure, or as a base or liner under restoration.

sedative filling dental code d2940

Clarification of the sedative filling dental code shows that it is not an endodontic access closure filling or a final liner or base.  Typical materials that dentists use are IRM, Cavit, and glass ionomers.

When does a dentist use a sedative filling?

Typically, we use dental code d2940 when there is a lot of decay and we are unsure how the tooth will do after the decay removal. We also use the sedative filling dental code when doing extensive decay control before making a definitive plan or we use it on an emergency basis.

Will insurance pay for dental code d2940?

The answer like many less often utilized codes is maybe.  Some plans do not allow you to perform another dental procedure on the same tooth for 30-90 days.  Some have restrictions on how often an individual tooth can receive that filling.  If you use some other restorative or endodontic code on the same tooth on the same day, d2940 payment will be denied by insurance.

What fee should I charge for sedative filling dental code d2940?

You can charge whatever you want for this procedure but it is traditionally not a very high fee.  I use fair health consumer to help dictate some of my fees but the fee for dental code d2940 is too low in my opinion.  We charge around $150 in 2017, which is still not a huge amount of money. Overall, it’s more of a service than something productive. You are likely losing money providing this service, it’s just a question of how much are you losing.

What is the sedative filling dental code for a primary tooth?

The dental code d2941 is what we use to code for a sedative temporary filling on a primary tooth.

D2941 dental code interim therapeutic restoration: primary dentition –

Placement of an adhesive restorative material following caries debridement by hand or other method for the management of early childhood caries. Not considered a definitive restoration.