Porcelain veneers and composite veneers

Thinking of porcelain veneers or composite veneers?

What is the difference between porcelain dental veneers and composite dental veneers? Well this weeks case of the week we ended up using both styles of dental veneers and crowns for Greg.

Greg had some issues with decay around an old veneer in front.  Although esthetics was not his major concern we thought now would be the time to change things if we were ever going to.  Since esthetics was not the major concern for Greg, rather than doing everything in porcelain, which costs considerably more, we opted to do some of the veneers in composite instead. This type of smile upgrade takes about 3 or 4 visits with only one visit taking over an hour.  The other visits are typically 20-40 minutes long.

Do you think you can tell which are porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and composite veneers?

Composite veneers and porcelain veneers

The final result turned out very nice.  Although Greg was not initially concerned about the esthetics of his smile, once we were done he was very happy we had urged him to complete the work at this time.

If you or someone you know has interest in improving their smile, then give us a call! Although this type of work is not cheap there are options to make it more affordable.

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