Zirconia dental implants

What are zirconia dental implants?

Zirconia dental implants are similar to titanium dental implants except they are made from a zirconia instead of a titanium alloy.

Who can get zirconia dental implants?

Well anyone can get a zirconia dental implant but the real question is who should get a zirconia dental implant.  The answer depends on who you ask. The most likely candidate has one of several conditions. They are someone who has a high smile line, which means they show their gums when they smile, and they have thin tissue biotype, which means you can see through their gums.  The ideal patient would also be someone with high esthetic demands. The success rate of zirconia dental implants v titanium dental implants is lower by about 5% Elnayef JOMI 2017.

Titanium allergy and zirconia dental implants

Although extremely rare the use and exposure of individuals to titanium will likely result in more people developing sensitivities if not outright allergies to the metal. A recent review of the literature indicates that titanium can induce hypersensitivity in susceptible patients and could play a critical role in implant failure. Siddiqi COIR 2011

What do zirconia dental implants cost?

We have an entire post on the cost of zirconia dental implants. However, in brief form we can say that zirconia dental implants cost is typically slightly higher than titanium dental implants. The slight increase in fee is often because the doctor has taken on additional risk of failure if there is any kind of guarantee of the dental implant.