Black gums treatment cost

black gums removal

Looking for black gums treatment?

Black gums treatment is something that we provide with the use of our Solea CO2 laser. The Solea layer removes the pigmentation in one treatment and the results last for years for most of those that undergo the treatment.

What are black gums?

Black gums or pigmented gum tissue is the result of higher concentrations of melanin in the tissue. It is the same reason some skin is darker than others. Smoking and other irritants can also cause the gums to discolor. This melanin hyperpigmentation is a cosmetic concern when coupled with a gummy smile.

black gums treatment cost

How does black gums treatment work?

We numb the area, sometimes only with a topical numbing gel, and use our Solea laser to remove thin layers of tissue until the pigmentation is gone. The procedure is fairly quick. For Solea laser users treat one area at a time with the 1mm spot with no water and power about 20%. Go over a large area then wipe and check results. This process continues until the pigmentation is gone.

Will black gums treatment hurt?

Yes their will be some mild discomfort but most patients will not classify it as pain according to Azzeh.  You should not need any prescription pain medications. Mild discomfort and itching are the most common post surgical patient reports.

How long will healing dark gums treatment require?

Typically healing is complete in about 2 weeks and certainly by 4 weeks. Rosa

How long will dark gums treatment last?

It is variable from person to person and thus there is no knowing how long it will last on any individual. Very few patients will see any relapse at one year but about 50% will show some repigmentation at 2 years with the CO2 laser according to Nakamura. Most studies show very high success rates for at least 6-24 months.

Black gums treatment cost

Cost for treatment of dark gums varies from $800-$1200 depending on severity and amount or area that needs treatment.

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Types of dental lasers that are used for dark gums laser treatment

There are many different types of lasers that can do a black gums treatment. Basically any laser is capable. Er:YAG laser, Nd:YAG laser, Er,Cr:YSGG laser, the CO2 that we use, and even the common diode laser all work to remove the dark gums. There are also other more traditional methods such as scalpel, bur removal, and cryotherapy.  Basically anything that removes epithelium will work. Prasad Kathariya

What is the dental code for depigmentation of the gum tissue?

It is a purely esthetic procedure so insurance will not pay for the treatment of black gums. There is no dental code that exists that describes depigmentation. There are other periodontal codes that may come in handy if someone has a gummy smile and you are doing a gingivectomy.