Micro osteoperforation

micro osteoperforation propel

What is micro osteoperforation in Orthodontics, also known as MOPs?

Micro osteoperforation in orthodontics (MOPs) is a process of creating small pinhole openings (or perforations) in the bone around the teeth to accelerate tooth movement during orthodontic treatment.  It is an in-office procedure done by your orthodontist with no down time after and can be used in conjunction with all orthodontic treatments, including braces, Invisalign, and other types!  Teeth move through bone with the help of many cells, including cells that cause inflammation.  By creating these perforations in the bone, we are inducing a favorable inflammatory response, utilizing your own biology to stimulate the bone around the teeth, resulting in faster tooth movement.

  Most people’s primary concern with braces or clear aligners like Invisalign is how long it will take.  MOPs reduces the time so you can enjoy your smile that much faster with a SAFE, minimally invasive technique!

The micro osteoperforation procedure

The following is our micro osteoperforation procedure and the exact steps may vary from office to office.

  1.  Micro osteoperforation procedure begins by consulting with Dr. Danielle.  She will let you know what areas may need micro osteoperforations.  We typically use them in teeth that with large rotations or seem stubborn to move.
  2.  Once you receive your Invisalign or get your braces on, we will then do the MOPs.
  3. We will numb the gum tissue, followed by creating the micro perforations in the bone with a small handpiece.
  4.  It takes 10-20 minutes total to complete the MOPs.
  5.  You will leave with a mouth rinse and little to no discomfort, so you can resume all activities, including sports if you are a teen.
  6. We MAY need to repeat a few times, depending on the difficulty of the tooth movement.
micro osteoperforation in Orthodontics
Dr. Danielle our Board Certified Orthodontist

What does micro osteoperforation cost?

MOPs take skill from the doctor performing and we typically perform this procedure during quiet times in the office.  It depends on the number of sites the MOPs will be done to determine a total cost, but runs somewhere between $500-900.  It is best to discuss with your orthodontist what this will add to the cost of the orthodontic treatment.  Not all orthodontists perform this procedure!  Going for multiple consultations might confuse you; this is simply an extra bonus just for you that not all orthodontists provide.  Dr. Danielle Bauer does provide this excellent service.

What is the cost for the orthodontics and MOPs or micro osteoperforations?

We quote the fee for micro osteoperforation in Orthodontics as one number and do not break it down into parts. Since you can not do the MOP procedure without orthodontics, there is no point in discussing what the orthodontic care alone costs. However, if you have an interest in what braces cost without MOPs, you can check out fair health consumer and type in your zip code and the dental code D8090 for an adult case to give a good idea.

The micro osteoperforation Propel procedure.

Propel is the device that allows us to make these MOPs.  It is a handheld device orthodontists use in the office to create the perforations. Again, this is our micro osteoperforation procedure using Propel and different offices may vary their steps.

  1. The micro osteoperforation Propel procedure begins with your consultation.
  2. The next step is we get you numb.
  3. Once numb we use the Propel device to create the micro osteoperforations in the bone.
  4. W will sometimes do the micro osteoperforation Propel procedure a second time, however we only do this on very difficult cases where the patient really wants to finish early.

micro osteoperforation propel

MOPs dental research

Sugimori AJO-DO 2018 shows the MOPs procedure using Propel does work to accelerate tooth movement. While the procedure is an easy procedure according to patients, more than 3 MOPs need to be done to impact canine movement. Alkebsi AJO 2018

Want a micro osteoperforation procedure appointment?

To see if you are eligible for micro osteoperforations or another form of accelerated orthodontics, please call Dr. Danielle Bauer, a Board Certified Orthodontist at 630-665-5550!