Trial Smile

dental veneers temporary trial smile

Trial Smile

A trial smile is a temporary version of dental veneers or dental crowns before we actually do anything permanent to the teeth. It is a great way for people to see what they are getting themselves into before investing a lot of time, money, and before doing irreversible tooth modifications.

We typically do this for anyone making a major change to their smile. That could be adding length to their short teeth so that more show or changing the shape of crooked teeth. It can also address spacing issues and show what the dentist and lab tech are thinking in terms of design of the new smile. It does not help with envisioning changes in color.  In fact the color of the trial smile is usually a mixture of white and whatever you currently have.

Examples of trial smiles from our cosmetic dentist Dr. Bryan

trial smile close spaces veneers
Trial Smile showing what closing a gap in the front teeth will look like
trial smile dental veneers
A full mouth trial smile
trial smile dental crowns
Just 6 teeth in a trial smile for dental crowns
dental veneers temporary trial smile
Trial smile and finals showing that although the trial smile shows the shape the color will be off on the trial smile.
Trial smile of worn down teeth
The before, temporary trial smile and final smile.

The cost of a trial smile is $60 per tooth.

We charge $60 per tooth to do a trial smile and that money is applied to any future work. If you decide not to do anything then you waste the money but it allows you to invest minimally and discover if what you are envisioning is something that is possible. Sometimes there are multiple plans and you have to pay two times.

dental veneers trial smile


Dr. Bryan Bauer is our cosmetic dentist and does all of our cosmetic dentistry that you see here and on our cosmetic dentistry page and the dental veneers page.  All work is his work and almost all the patients are still with us in the practice. Therefore if you see someone similar and would like to know more just ask! Call today and ask for a complimentary consult with Dr. Bauer and you can discuss any smile changes you want!