New Translucent Zirconia Crowns

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New Translucent Zirconia Crowns

New translucent zirconia crowns are arguably the best material to come along since white dental composites. They are very strong and for back teeth are very natural looking.

Sean’s new translucent zirconia crown

Are you in need of a dental crown but afraid that it will not look natural? This can be a scare to some patients, however Dr. Bauer utilizes translucent zirconia crowns that allow the tooth to look perfectly in place.

Sean had come into the office in search of a cost effective fix for his rotted molar, without having to extract the entire tooth. As Dr. Bauer and Sean discussed options, they had concluded that a new zirconia crown would be the perfect solution. A natural looking, yet strong zirconia crown was placed on the tooth. Sean is ecstatic with the results and so are we!

Image of a new Translucent Zirconia Crowns

What do new translucent zirconia crowns cost?

the material is actually cheaper than other materials that we use to fabricate dental crowns so the cost is the same as other dental crowns and less than gold crowns. In our office the fee is around $1500 for a dental crown. The fee that you pay will depend on several factors, one being where you live. To find out the approximate cost in your zip code you can check out fair health consumer website and type in dental code D2940.

What are the steps for new translucent zirconia crowns?

The first step is to prepare the tooth for a dental crown and take an impression of the tooth. The tooth will have a temporary dental crown while the dental laboratory fabricates the zirconia crown. A few weeks later you return and we cement the zirconia crown on.

If you are in need of a crown that looks natural as well as strong, a new translucent zirconia crown could be the ideal option for you. Call Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics to set up a consult and to see if this option will work best for you!