Dental veneer cracked

dental veneer cracked

If your dental veneer cracked what can you do?

Dental veneer cracked? What are your options?

A cracked dental veneer can be an esthetic emergency so how do we fix it?

If caught early, we can repair a crack with bonded white composite filling material. This is a patch, not a fix, but it often lasts for a long time if done properly. If the piece has cracked off we can bond it back on the same way we bond dental veneers from the start. Some cracks we can not do much other than replace the veneer, your dentist will have to decide what the best course of action is.

Dental veneer cracked naturally and then repaired.

Step buy step for repairing a cracked dental veneer

  • Mechanically roughen and bevel the porcelain in the area with diamond bur with copious water spray and gentle touch
  • Optional – microetch for more mechanical retention and better cleaning of the biofilm.
  • Porcelain etch per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Silane agent
  • Bonding agent preferably with no HEMA
  • Composite

Why did the dental veneer crack?

First one should determine how and why the dental veneer cracked. How long has the dental veneer lasted before the crack? Is the crack a hairline fracture or are we talking about a full break? Another important question, which you can not answer is whether or not the veneer is on enamel or dentin tooth structure?

If the dental veneer is pretty new, less than a year, then your cosmetic dentist will likely just replace it. However, it is important to try and determine why it cracked. It is possible that there was a microscopic fracture in the veneer from fabrication. If so then just replacing it will likely work. Typically there is a bite issue and the individual is either a clencher or a grinder. If this is the case then it can be very difficult for all parties involved to find a workable solution. A night-guard will be mandatory. The lab technician and the cosmetic dentist will have to carefully explore the material selection options and your bite. Some people break things no matter what, especially they do not use a night-guard religiously.

If the veneer is older than a few years then you can probably chalk it up to bad luck or normal wear and tear. Some individuals are just harder on their teeth, like out patient Sam below.

Images of a broken dental veneer we fixed.
This is a dental veneer that broke in 2 pieces and came off and we were able to repair and rebond it on without needing to replace it.

Dental veneer cracked – What is the cost to repair or fix?

If we can repair the veneer, the cost is significantly less. We charge several hundred dollars depending on the severity of the fracture. However, if the crack is unrepairable and the veneer needs replacement then we charge over $1500. Typically replacing one dental veneer is more costly per tooth than doing several together because it is harder to get just one to match.

My dental veneer cracked and it’s brand new! How long should it last?

This is a great question and the answer varies depending on who did it, what material we use, how hard you are on your teeth, and if you use a night guard. I have a post on the topic of how long dental veneers last. Research does show that bonding a veneer to enamel is important to long term success.