Blood blister on lip

blood blister on lip

Blood blister on lip that won’t go away?

Blood blister on lip that won’t go away is probably not a blood blister at all but a venous lake. Venous lakes are common venous malformations that look like blood blisters but they do not go away and actually slowly grow over the years.

Blood blister on lip that won’t go away – well maybe not a blood blister!

We are all familiar with blood blisters. Often we will get one on a finger that gets an injury but does not get cut into. We also know how they heal, the blood blister gets hard, crusts up, and falls off. The whole process is usually done in a couple weeks. However, what about those blood blisters that do not go away? Maybe it is not a blood blister at all, but a venous lake. If it is on one of your lips then the chances are very good that the thing you believe is a blood blister is actually a venous lake.

How do we treat a blood blister on lip that won’t go away?

The procedure is actually very quick and effective. We use a laser that targets the blood that is inside the lesion. The energy of the laser cauterizes the blood vessel, destroying it.

What is the healing time for this treatment?

Healing time is typically 2-3 weeks, during which a scab will form and then fall off. The images below are the pre treatment photo and a 2 week follow up sent in by the patient.  The last bit of scab has not fallen off yet at this point but is only a few days away from total healing. The image quality for the followup is poor because patients just send me cell phones shots as they usually live far away.

Image of blood blister on lip that won't go away.

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Blood blister on lip? NO! It’s a venous lake and we can treat it; just give us a call!