Replacement dental veneers

replacement dental veneers

Can you replace dental veneers?

Replacement of dental veneers is a common procedure that we perform. Technology and the ability of both the cosmetic dentist and lab tech determine how well the dental veneers actually match.

Why would someone want to replace dental veneers?

There are two major reasons that we see for why people want to replace dental veneers. The first reason is that they do not like the look of the dental veneers. Usually the patient lost faith in the previous dentist or has come to realize better esthetics are available. The other reason is that a dental veneer has broken.

Below is a before and after dental veneer replacement photo showing two veneers that were no longer esthetically pleasing.

Before and after photo of replacement dental veneers

Can you replace dental veneers?

Yes, of course you can replace dental dental veneers! One can theoretically even remove dental veneer with a laser without having to cut into more tooth structure. In my hands that does not work well for a variety of reasons that are not worth discussing here. However, removing old dental veneers is easier than preparing them the first time. That does not mean that the entire process of replacing dental veneers is easier than doing the first time. Actually, I think it is likely more difficult. It is more difficult for several reasons. First of all, almost everything is more difficult when fixing or changing someone else’s work. Secondly, it is highly likely that the esthetics that you are looking for a second time around are much higher or more specific.

Below is the smile of a young man who recently had 10 dental veneers placed in Texas. He was unhappy with the results and wanted something that looked more natural, as if nothing had been done. The first veneers in the top photo are fake looking.  They are flat, square, monochromatic, and lacking life. We were able to remove all ten dental veneers and replace just four to give him a more natural look. We also did some minor bonding as well.

Can you replace dental veneers?

What is the cost?

The fee will vary greatly from office to office for replacement dental veneers. Some dentists add a fee for the removal of old dental veneers. I do not do that but think it is very reasonable and fair if a dentists does charge. The fee for a dental veneer in your zip code can be found at fair health consumer by typing in code D2962 or just type in veneer.

The replacement dental veneer fee should be the same or very similar to whatever the dentist’s original fee for a porcelain veneer is. However, shopping for dental veneers by fees alone is not very smart. Asking what is the fee for a dental veneer is like asking what is the price of a car. The range of esthetic results and abilities of the dentist to provide those results varies enormously. You can get a cheap veneer that looks like crap but resembles a tooth or a work of art that looks gorgeous AND looks like a real tooth.

Can you change the position of the veneer when you replace it?

We can change just about anything when we replace the veneers. Some people have some recession on their old dental veneers. We simply change when the edge of the new veneers is.

Replacement of old dental veneers with gum recession.
Replacement of old dental veneers with gum recession with new dental veneers.

The dental veneer replacement cost in our office is around $2000 in 2021.

This fee is per tooth, however, the fee does go down if you do a lot of teeth.