White kids crown

white kids crowns

Are you looking for a white kids crown alternative?

White kids crown alternative to the metal kids crown is available and our Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, Dr. White is providing this service to kids across the Midwest.

What are the benefits of the white kids crown?

The only real benefit is the esthetic benefit. One complaint we hear is that a child is socially aware of the black metal crown. Kids picking on each other is a part of life and a metal crown sometimes makes a child a target. Few parents are aware that there is a even a choice for a white kids crown, which is a shame.

What does a white kids crown look like?

There is no way to explain it other than to show it, so below you will see a photo of 4 white pediatric crowns.

Image of a white kids crown alternative

Why aren’t all kids crowns white?

Well they cost more for one. The cost is that much more in terms of the actual material cost but it takes more skill to do the white kids crown well. Basically it is harder to do and thus it costs more to do. We can bend metal kids crowns to fit a tooth whereas a white kids crown has to have the tooth fit it perfectly. It takes some skill and experience to prepare the tooth so that it is a perfect fit for the preformed white crown.

Why wasn’t I made aware of the option for a white pediatric crown?

The stainless steel crown alternative is not available everywhere and it is very likely your dentist does not provide this service or they do it very rarely. It’s simply not possible to always let everyone know every possible alternative available in the whole world. We provide the options for the services we are aware of and feel are appropriate for a given situation. The is also the fact that stainless steel crowns have a long history and thus lots of research behind them. Whereas, the stainless steel crown alternative white crown is too new to have that data.

What do I do if I would like to have these white crowns for my child?

Give our office a call and we will happily review your insurance and answer any questions that you have. We see patient from across the Midwest so our staff can accommodate your family no matter where you live.