Implant assisted partial denture


What is an implant assisted partial denture?

Implant assisted partial denture is a partial denture that has one or more dental implants helping it out.

What does an implant assisted partial denture look like?

If you know what a partial denture looks like then you know what an implant assisted partial denture looks like. The only difference would be there are what appear to be buttons, which we call attachments on the tissue side of the partial denture. There will be an female attachment for each dental implant inside the partial denture.

Image of an implant assisted partial denture

What are the benefits of supporting a partial denture with implants?

  • The partial denture will hold up longer because it has more support.
  • The remaining teeth will hold up longer because they have extra help supporting the partial denture.
  • The partial denture will fit more tightly because it is snapping onto a dental implant or dental implants.
  • The bone where the dental implant is at will be stronger and will hold up longer.
  • Meta-analysis shows that the implants have high survival rates. Lemos JPD 2023

What is the cost of an implant assisted partial denture?

That depends on the number of implants one has to help support the partial. If only one dental implant the cost in our office in 2018 is around $4,000. That cost includes the partial denture, the dental implant, and the attachment parts that connect the two.

What are some of the complications and issues with implant supported partials?

Parts wear out and break down at higher rates than most other things we do in dentistry. This of course depends on the individual and the parts we use but eventually things break.


Tips and tricks for dentists that have an interest in providing implant assisted partial dentures.

    • Pick up the metal housing in a processed baseplate or metal mesh baseplate. This tip comes from Dr. Sharifi and I love the idea!
    • Do not hang the partial off of an implant crown and plate the terminal abutment. However, these rules are also useful in regular partial dentures too.

What type of attachments are available for implant supported partial dentures?

The most common are ERA and locators but the list is extensive. The ERA is vertically resilient so use for any anterior implant positions and use the locator for posteriors.

What are the ADA dental codes?

  • 5862 = precision attachment (one male and female component)
  • 6054 = implant/abutment supported removable denture for partially edentulous arch