Chipped front tooth filling

Chipped front tooth filling

Do you have a chipped front tooth filling?

Chipped front tooth filling that you want us to fix? No problem!

Emily’s chipped front tooth filling story

Whether you have chipped your front tooth or broken a front tooth filling, Dr. Bauer can easily restore the look of the tooth! Emily had come in with her front tooth chipped and worn down from the constant grinding of her teeth while she sleeps at night. Dr. Bauer was able to fix her issue with composite, he reshaped the tooth to restore the natural look of the tooth! Without the need to get numb, Emily was able to get a natural looking fix to her tooth in under 30 minutes.

Emily was able to walk away with an even length of both front teeth, she couldn’t be more satisfied. We also recommended a night guard to prevent the grinding of her teeth while she sleeps. The results were flawless and therefore Emily was ecstatic!

Chipped front tooth filling before and after

Iamge of a chipped front tooth filling

Jake’s chipped tooth we fixed with composite

Jake has a similar story to Emily. He fell playing with his friends and broke off a large piece of his front tooth. In about 40 minutes we were able to make it look whole again.

How to fix a chipped front tooth with composite.

If you have a similar problem, call Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics today! We can schedule your appointment for a quick and natural looking fix! You can check out lots more of our cosmetic dentistry work on the dental veneers page and the case of the week blog page.

Chipped front tooth filling

One note about the longevity of these types of composite restorations needs to be written about. They do not last as long as fillings in the back, which have over a 90% 5 year survival rate, or other dental work. This is because they are easier to break from bad habits such as chewing on ice, biting nails, or using your teeth as a tool. Also people tend to replace them more often to ensure that they are looking as fresh as possible. I always tell patients this may need to be done again. I expect at least 5 years out of these fillings but more than 10 is very impressive.