Enameloplasty dental code

enameloplasty before and after

What is the enameloplasty code? What is the cost? Before and after?

Enameloplasty code refers to the ADA dental code we use for removal of tooth structure without replacement. The dental code is in the D9971 and we most often use it for minor cosmetic corrections.

Other common names for the enameloplasty code D9971?

The technical name for this procedure is odontoplasty. The ADA dental code states “odontoplasty 1-2 teeth; includes removal of enamel projections”.

Image of enameloplasty code

Image of enameloplasty upper teeth
Enameloplasty upper teeth with the middle photo showing the plan so patient can visualize.



What does enameloplasty cost?

There are occasions when the dentists do not charge anything, but this is when he or she is doing something else that they are charging you for. In 2018 we charge $220 for this procedure. Typically your insurance will not cover as it is done for esthetic reasons. If you are looking for an enameloplasty cost in your zip-code, please try the website fair health consumer

Enameloplasty before and after photos

The most common reason we do plasty is for cosmetic reasons of front teeth. Usually it is to shorten front teeth that are too long or to fix chips. In this before and after photo we level the front teeth and make them look more uniform, they were initially to long and “rabbit” looking.

Image for enameloplasty before and after

Odontoplasty before and after image

Enameloplasty of front teeth

Odontoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, consequently we do this on front teeth almost exclusively. I personally do not plasty back teeth, however I can image some unusual situation where one would do a plasty on back teeth.

Before and after photo of enamelplasty of a single front tooth

Enameloplasty side effects?

There are no side effects to this procedure other than the change of length of tooth. In addition to the esthetic change your bite could possibly change slightly as well.

Enameloplasty after braces?

This procedure after braces is very common when we take braces off. Your orthodontist will usually do this the day they remove your braces or the day you finish clear aligner therapy (CAT). leveling the teeth through odontoplasty is part of your orthodontic treatment, as a result there is no additional fee for it. Below you can see a patient that did not like her pointy canines. Treatment for a pointy canine is almost always leveling and this can be done either before, during or after braces.

Image of enameloplasty after braces