Gold v titanium dental implant screw

Gold vs titanium dental implant screw

Gold v titanium dental implant screw – Which is better?

Gold v titanium dental implant prosthetic screw is a question dental professionals may ask themselves or be curious as to what is the difference between the two options. Does it impact our dental implants at all?

Image of gold v titanium dental implant screw

What is the cost difference in gold v titanium dental implant prosthetic screws?

The costs of prosthetic screws vary from company to company so I will give a list of some 2018 price differences. All these fees are pre-shipping. If you are only ordering one or two prosthetic screws does make up a decent percentage of the total cost. Companies also have different prices for different types of screws but I will try to compare the basic abutment screws. Furthermore they have different prices for different users so my prices are mine and may not be the same for others, but it should give you a comparison of gold vs titanium screw cost.

Comparison of gold v titanium screws

As you can see the cost seems to be the same for the companies offering these online. There is almost certainly ways to get gold screws for the other systems. However, one must be careful with off brands screws. It is my opinion when it comes to screws it is always best to use the same manufacturer of the dental implant itself to ensure best fit.

So which is better? Gold vs titanium screw research

The research finds that gold is a better material for a dental implant prosthetic screw. How critical it is or how much it impacts the clinical situation is definitely debatable. Gold screws are hard to find. They may not exist for some companies so clearly few dentists are using them.

Jeong found that gold screws have a more intimate fit than titanium screws. Doolabh found the preload is better with gold screws vs the titanium screws, as did Stuker.

Gold v titanium prosthetic screw options

Implant direct has a very nice list of many of titanium and gold screws we use today in dentistry. This list is from 2018.

Why do all the dental implant prosthetic screws look so different?

Check out these 3 prosthetic screws for a zimmer dental implant. All 3 look totally different! Furthermore, I am not even certain they all work because unfortunately the implant I was going to use them on flowered.

Image of 2 titanium and 1 gold prosthetic dental implant screw.