Freckle on lip removal

Freckle on lip removal cost

Looking for a freckle on lip removal procedure?

Freckle on lip removal procedure is simple and quick with our state of the art Solea CO2 laser. Although treatment is the same, the venous lake is very similar to a freckle. We remove a lot of venous lakes from lips as well.

How do we do a freckle lip removal?

We will start with a topical numbing agent that helps ensure the injection of local anesthetic is as gentle as possible. Next, we give a small amount of local anesthetic into the area. Once numb we hit the freckle with our laser. This kills all the cells that make up the freckle. We disinfect the area and place Vitamin E oil. Finally we go over home care instructions. The total time of this appointment including consultation is less than 30 minutes. The procedure itself only takes a minute or two.

What are the home care instructions for a freckle on lip removal procedure?

We give you everything you need to care for the area. This includes one small syringe of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area twice daily and one small syringe of Vitamin E oil to help in the healing process. In 2-3 weeks the small scab that forms will fall off and you will be freckle free!

Before and after, of freckle on lip removal.

Image of freckle on lip removal

What is the freckle on lip removal cost?

Check our venous lake page for the most up to date fee. The fee covers removal and any follow up procedures. If the freckle returns within 5 years we will retreat at no charge to you. Your insurance company considers this an esthetic procedure, therefore insurance does not cover this.

Can we successfully remove larger freckles from the lip with our laser treatment?

Yes we can remove large freckles from the lip but the larger they get the less predictable our results are.

Image of lip freckle laser removal
Sorry for the quality of the image but many patients travel great distances to see us for lip freckle removal and often we only have cell phone selfies of the after photo.

Who is a candidate for freckle on lip removal?

Anyone with a freckle that is not too deep. Your doctor or dentist will have to tell you this and may not know for sure until after the procedure is over.